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These are random snippets of writings of a semi poetic nature, mostly of observations of life.
I hope you find hope, faith, comfort, despair, sadness, or any other combination of feeling because after all,
it is feeling that makes us human and the expression of our feelings that make us individuals.

Running: A matter of perspective
This negativity doesn't do anything for me
Your attempts to pull me down, they only wake me up
I've always said perspective was key
And I won't promise this isn't everything it seems
You say I'm running from my fears
I say I'm running towards my dreams

We Might...
I look across the mighty Pacific
And there I see it, so specific
I try so hard to move along but
The words, the words I can't find in any song
This once, on my own, I'll have to go with my gut

We looked across the great Atlantic
The things we saw, all transoceanic
To them we looked like giants
Who knows, we might be
We might as well be giants

For you, Grandmom
"Do it for you," she said
"Not for anyone else, my dear"
You'll see in just a year
Oh, I promise I'll be there
And don't be scared
Please don't be scared

I'm doing it for me, I swear
But part of me is doing it for you
I still don't have that barrell of money
And I doubt I ever will
And the sky has yet to fall
And it's kind of funny...
Cause that really never even mattered at all

It's weird to think that all these places where we grew up
Held so much more than what we saw
Being naive protects us from what we weren't meant to see
And allowed us to become who we're supposed to be

Some help from Ben
I was searching for steadier footing
But all I could do was follow you into the dark
It seems like I was never meant to make it out

So now I'm driving the limit plus eleven
All alone down eighty seven
These long drives give me too much time to think
Of things but I'm not even sure where I'm going

I think I'm scared of the thought of my life without you
I don't know why, after all I've been through
But I guess this is my biggest fear
Where do I go from here?

Past Regret
Am I falling or is this failure?
The bitter taste of years wasted,
They're catching up to me now
Yeah, I'm young at heart
Plus I still think I look the part
But I want to know how
Know how it would have tasted
If I knew all of this in a younger year

I'm struggling to find words to describe the way I feel
I threw on the Upsides, Suburbia, and Narrow Stairs
These are the songs that usually make me heal
But this time, I'm not even sure
I dunno what's there.

I don't know what's worse:
Not being able to listen to Best of Me
Or that feeling of Katastrophe
I'll deal with the latter for now
Because I just can't understand how
You could steal this song from me

Life's not fair
That's what we've always been told
In this position, it's finally understood
The ignorant aggressors, prim and cheeky
Continue on their journies unscathed
Hand in hand the one
Head in sand the other
The latter, doomed from the start
The former trying, but lacking hearth
Oh what a perfect pair they said;
You'll both go far
On the contrary my friend
She's been there a while now and
On the inside, he too is dead

It has brought Me this far
Pushing forward and building on
The success of the past year I've found
That I've seen all that can be seen
In this little old town
The time has come for me to part
For fear that I may never depart
From this comfort zone between the parks

So much has been learned and now I see
The path that has been meant for me
No, I do this not with a breath of haste
Rather I do it with my newfound fate
To leave this place; my home, my state
Leaving some things I love and even more that I hate

Twenty four years is quite a while
To be left somewhere; one grows content
With arrogance, I'll strike a smile
Knowing this is for the best
Cause I don't wish to see my twenty fifth
In the dead ends here that haunt my path
To see this through is my current test
To move along to a new address

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me including but not limited to:
Megan for the motivation and literal support
Aidan for being the best brother I could ever ask for
Stan-o for exposing me to a whole new world of literature while keeping it real
Pops for believing in and pushing me
And finally, Grandmom: whose words still keep me afloat. I miss you. <3